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Apply to be apart of our Youth Action Team

ACMAT Youth Action Team is a program funded
by The Drug-Free Communities Grant

Mission: To prevent and reduce youth substance use/abuse through education, collaborative partnerships, and by engaging in effective community level programs, policies, and practices.

What is the ACMAT Youth Action Team?

The ACMAT Youth Action Team (YAT) is a program funded by the Drug-Free Communities Grant
(DFC) that incorporates environmental strategies, evidence-based strategies, and a youth-led
initiative empowering youth to make good choices while learning skills, gaining opportunities to
use those skills, and be recognized for their achievements.
The mission of the YAT is to provide Allen County youth with the opportunity to learn about
their environment and their health while influencing peers and the overall community to lower
substance use. Our vision is to collaborate with local agencies to create a healthier community.

Want to Join Us?

You can apply to join the YAT if the list below describes you!
If you are interested in serving in the YAT; Participation includes attending one YAT regular
meeting each month, along with other meetings and events as they arise.
✓ Commitment to community involvement
✓ Volunteerism, to serve others and public service
✓ Develop his/her leadership potential
✓ Currently enrolled in grades 6-12
✓ Youth attend school in one of the districts (USD256, USD257 or USD258)
✓ You have a passion for healthy lifestyles
✓ You want to learn about prevention, citizenship, community service, and staying healthy
✓ You want to participate in student led projects and activities

How to Apply

  1. Complete and sign this application (please print or type).
  2. Obtain your parent’s or legal guardian’s signature, giving you permission to participate.
  3. Briefly explain why you want to participate in the YAT.
  4. Receive one teacher recommendation.
  5. Submit your application to your local school counselor’s office or scan and email to
    [email protected].
    If you have any questions about the ACMAT Youth Action Teams or this application, please

Jessica McGinnis, DFC Community Coordinator, 620-365-5717 or Email: [email protected]